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Opie's Eye...the very funny Jim Jeffries. Filming his HBO special this weekend.

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2612 days ago

Opie's Eye...the very funny Jim Jeffries. Filming his HBO special this weekend.


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aholecop 2608 days ago

did someone hit this guy in the head..?

MitchInTexas 2609 days ago

Yeah he needs some plugs too

crags 2610 days ago

I wonder how many other pictures exist of him in this pose?

rawpowa 2610 days ago

asians, rather..

rawpowa 2610 days ago

i love this guy. the comment he made about asiams (?) and Koala bears haha

TheRumorKROCK 2611 days ago

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-alex-radio-show Show will be live TONIGHT 3/6/09 EST

badmotherrucker 2611 days ago

Sorry to say I won't be at the taping, but I'll be waiting for when it airs. Jeffries rules for fucks sake.

duckweedmafia 2611 days ago

Jim fucking RULES! I can't wait to hear the show tomorrow.

rherdus 2611 days ago

Anthony, let him borrow your dew rag!

fubex 2611 days ago

Wow! Jim is looking rather dapper today! He looks like he's in an 80's band.

manselman 2611 days ago

Nooooo, not weird?!!!...Australian...come on say it with me idiots Aus...trail....ian... thats a good loser fan, are'nt you? Now clean your ass...good dog.

KinsellaJohnP 2612 days ago

Jim will be the next great comic. Always love it when he is on the show. Fits in perfect and is weird looking

barrytheblade 2612 days ago

That was a joke, by the way.

barrytheblade 2612 days ago

Nice point of view shot Opie. How high is that throne of yours exactly?

MissLindsey420 2612 days ago

he has the absolute WORST kind of baldness. where's the follicles when you need them?

boosterp 2612 days ago

His look never changes.

TheCrazyCossack 2612 days ago

I wondering how he would look on the shitter.

nm80 2612 days ago

He had 2 girls in a room?

bentcorner 2612 days ago

I had no idea he looked like a young Dan Akroyd.

Cosz 2612 days ago

i gotta listen to every word when jeffries is on.