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Ant and I getting ready to have golf balls hit at us by listeners! Ugh!!!

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2700 days ago

Ant and I getting ready to have golf balls hit at us by listeners! Ugh!!!


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MitchInTexas 2696 days ago

Be more funny, do the bit

christhetrucker 2697 days ago

chills of the douche variety

Kyle_T 2698 days ago

i dont think u guys have enough padding

MELMAC88 2698 days ago

how hack is that?

billtoto 2698 days ago

Wow where did you get pads to fit Ant? He is fucking fat.

stnkye 2698 days ago

wish i was there, wouldve pegg'd ant int he helmet.! not super op tho

badmotherrucker 2698 days ago


ladyz0e 2699 days ago

Frying pan.

vicchippah 2699 days ago

should have been hand grenades

vicchippah 2699 days ago

this is bad i can't even comment

golfingasman 2699 days ago

And I thought Spuds was as low as you could go.......Great Job!!!

whuffman 2699 days ago

100% douche

PORKYYORK 2699 days ago

This looks like the beginning of a police dog training video

jimmysass 2699 days ago

the very first homeless shopping spree

manselman 2699 days ago

Ahhhh, adorable.

plateshoe 2699 days ago

Digging the old school pads

TheRyanGains 2699 days ago

That actually wasn't such a bad idea, Op. You guys should bring it back, but instead using glocks and bullet proof vests.

ITIScott 2699 days ago

Okay, horrific!!

HamiltonBurger 2699 days ago

Hey look! It's East Side Opie and Eastern Front Anthony!

radh77 2699 days ago

you know.. i could have you shot...