Kris Allen


A little battle scar from tonights show. Thanks Iowa City!

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1911 days ago

A little battle scar from tonights show. Thanks Iowa City!


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Robertolover 1786 days ago

oww wat chu do?

GlittertheGlitz 1887 days ago


SL_Glitter 1887 days ago

aaawww owch!! poor u!!

Nicole_Liane 1887 days ago


ImmaBeARockstar 1901 days ago

ow Dx hope it feels better!

laurlaur888 1904 days ago

"I wake up&bandage these scars,the scars on my...leg,tht prove tht i'm stil alive,yeah i'm stil alive"

prabowbow 1906 days ago

Hairy Legs For the Win! :D

PuryPerry 1907 days ago

Ouch! =''''(

mominmn3 1908 days ago

you truly do have the most interesting pix...but thats what makes you - you!!! Don't change!!! YOU is a good thing

CeciVR 1908 days ago

OUCH!! that sucks... :(

AdamL_TommyR 1908 days ago


leslymill 1909 days ago

Living Like your dying there KrisAllen???.....A performance that draws blood....EXTREME

Altrock4u 1909 days ago

Feel Bettera Kris.

Phantom_Mirage 1909 days ago

you poor baby. let mommy kiss the boo boo.

lovinkrisA 1909 days ago

Had a great time showing off my pictures with you at work. Had a lot of VERY jealous co-workers. Been watching video from Monday's show and fall in love with you more and more!!! You are so talented and have a great sense of humor!! Hope to see you aga

Cali4naRizing 1910 days ago

wow, i just love your hairy legs. can i have um'.

josef17 1910 days ago

aww, that must have hurt. i hope you're alright now.

iamsimplyregine 1910 days ago

awww! seeing breaks my heart!!!!ouch..i hope it will not happen to you careful nxt tym huh!

KaizerAllen 1910 days ago

I hope this won't happen to you again.

KaizerAllen 1910 days ago

LOL at your comment! He's a man that's why.