Vienna Girardi


I caught 6 Catfish on the river today!! River Monster watch out!

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2305 days ago

I caught 6 Catfish on the river today!! River Monster watch out!


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Rama_King 2262 days ago

too ;)

Rama_King 2262 days ago

because everything in life is PERFECT, "everything happens for a REASON," it's all BEST.....ultimately, everything everyone does is an act of may not SEEM that way, but things are not what they seem......they are what they are ;)

Rama_King 2262 days ago

no one who truly loves themselves would "attack" someone who hasn't done anything against them.....I put "attack" in quotation marks because it isn't even REAL, attack is only an can this be?

Rama_King 2262 days ago

That's a smokin hot body you got, Vienna. Don't worry about people who judge you....they attack other people's not you or anyone else they hate, it's THEMSELVES they really hate, they have very low self-esteem.....

4Mrs2Sparky0 2287 days ago

we are opposites in waistline. Don't sweat things, maybe you are good at heart, no one liked me 2

margaux25 2288 days ago

Great picture of you Vienna! You are in such great shape. Sorry to hear about you and Jake. Can you at all patch things up? You've both been under terrible stress and public pressure. Go to counseling, jealously issues can be worked out. You went th

stephenblake3 2290 days ago

Wow. I can't believe Jake ever fell for you. You are just an ugly Hooters girl from down South.

poppysmic 2291 days ago

REDNECK!! Trashy tat...congrats on losing the boy! Confirmed by OK! Looks like he found out the real truth!

npaalua1 2304 days ago

You are awesome Vienna!!

Shayjay1 2305 days ago

LOL, You are awesome! BTW, I nominated you for DWTS. Hope they pick you!

Rowenaapril 2305 days ago

wow the catfish are bigger in TN. LOL nice pic.

Mystical88 2305 days ago

But can you catch Hush puppies?

christmasbabe73 2305 days ago

wow! you are a good fisherwoman, am so jealous of your tummy :O)

MyTweetingName 2305 days ago

Lol, I'd count that as 5 and a half, that one in front is teeny. Nice catch though!

mayarue 2305 days ago

Guess I know what you are having for dinner :) I'm impressed with your fishing skills!!

sari_74 2305 days ago

You are quite the fisherwoman, Vienna! WTG!!