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Starting the week off RIGHT...CAPTION CONTEST!!!  Let's see what you got :)

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2178 days ago

Starting the week off RIGHT...CAPTION CONTEST!!! Let's see what you got :)


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Coolieo205 2161 days ago


Coolieo205 2161 days ago

uh u got a little.i know!

isabella_c 2163 days ago

It's perfect! Thanks buddy! I really owe you! I'll definitely get an A on this!

LovaticsSmile 2165 days ago

ooops im sorry, my bad!!

kitkat451 2173 days ago

"Is there a clown under there?"

aeron02 2173 days ago

i like your new hairstyle.. its pretty..

aeron02 2173 days ago

what a delicious cake

licibears 2174 days ago

You like my outfit? Yeah, I know you do!

TrainwreckMerle 2175 days ago

'How did you decorate that room again ?'

jessicamcgrath 2175 days ago

dude you have something right there on your face!

Streicher13 2175 days ago

"It's ALIVE!" "It's ALIVE!"

Rakz14 2175 days ago

debby: Is this the New Style ? because i should be wearing that if you are !

LovaticsSmile 2175 days ago

you just got owned!!!

xiiNat 2175 days ago

You know you wanna hug me... (No way man!)

Jordy031300 2175 days ago

Honest Abby I did read the instruction, It said point and shoot. It doesnt say which way to point it.

MaxD111 2175 days ago

Debby: Dude you got a little something there..

DCstars_debby 2175 days ago

Debby:This is the last chance for me.
I want it!
And I hope this movie will be hit movie!

MsNandadevil 2175 days ago

Debby: You got a little something there.. and there.. yea right there&.. everywhere. Well at least the lady gaga look suits you&makes you stand out! yea... RUN!

SarahSceviour 2175 days ago

C'mon Debby, gimme a hug :)