Annie Wersching


ZOING!!! 24! ZOING!!!

Hmmmm.......? Who can guess the answer to this one...?

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2308 days ago

Hmmmm.......? Who can guess the answer to this one...?


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charmer1 2296 days ago

Some people will do anything to be friends on Facebook.

K0EK0EK 2303 days ago

I'm sure u will be back in SE9! 24 hrs is more than enough to kill the russians and rescue jack! :D

Kristar24 2307 days ago

that. is. hilarious.

Raidenshred 2307 days ago

Hahah, that's actually really cute.

mich_m78 2307 days ago

Add him, then set Jack on him to take revenge for your :)

Bruna_Rush 2308 days ago

So, you should ask Jack to ignore this one for you. 

Taays_ 2308 days ago

I'm a forgiving person.. So I think you should accept.. I'm just kidding.. HELL NOOO! Block him =p

atomicentity 2308 days ago

LOL LOL Hell Nah!

Ryan_Chappelle 2308 days ago

I would add him and then immediately delete him again. Just to make a point.

johnatass 2308 days ago

HAHahahahhahha! /block :p

VinceinFL 2308 days ago

Hell to the no