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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

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Old pic of Ant and I at WAAF. Wow we've been at this a long time. How much longer?

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2024 days ago

Old pic of Ant and I at WAAF. Wow we've been at this a long time. How much longer?


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mitts61 2018 days ago

Ant and ME, Ope, Ant and ME.....

chapel976 2019 days ago

Did I say 2 weeks? I meant 1.

vicchippah 2023 days ago

ant is a vampire still looks the same and he knows axle rose

ajlafond 2023 days ago

were the hats mandatory?

WedgeRadioShow 2023 days ago

Anthony looks like he's jerking off back there.

jimmysass 2023 days ago

you guys were better when you were on WAAF...Linga memr!!

gaberepp 2023 days ago

Sign says. The only station in Boston that Really Rocks. Hack.

ITIScott 2023 days ago

Damn, that board mus be circa 1977.

SignLabLasVegas 2023 days ago

hey, i have that lamp

kingofthebucket 2024 days ago

Opie looks like he needed a few folicals back then

lisaannvictoria 2024 days ago

c'mon now, you guys rock, they can't get rid of you, do you realize how many people would just go apesh*t in the streets!!!!keep on keepin' on'......axl (some similarities in this picture)

uzbekjoe 2024 days ago

Maybe Anthony is selling insurance p/t during this explaining the dorky look

djwedge73 2024 days ago

what were they handing out new WAAF hats that day?

superglide92a 2024 days ago

back when Opie was in charge

WilliamSputnik 2024 days ago

Still having the look of anticipation and excitement before the cruel world beat you down into the miserable guys we love.

soracloud 2024 days ago

Complete with early to mid 90's Halogen standee light of death!

DaveCromwell 2024 days ago

"Radio, radio - its a sound salvation . . . "

fannimae 2024 days ago

Ant looks like a complete DORK

Hoosierdaddy44 2024 days ago

Is that a cart machine in the background?

swickster 2024 days ago

Did Ant have hair plugs back then too?