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I sing and play guitar for the Classical quartet 'We The Kings' Yes, it is fun. One day, I'm gonna be in a movie :)

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Def feel awesome driving around in the soccer mom minivan!! #ballerstatus haha

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1410 days ago

Def feel awesome driving around in the soccer mom minivan!! #ballerstatus haha


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georgiaishere 1393 days ago

u make me puke!!

HeyMelissaTM 1396 days ago

Soccer mom minivan? I think not. Looks more like a #SwaggerWagon to me.

sandysuxxx 1398 days ago


pandaaaaamanda 1410 days ago

I suppose I could have let you guys borrow the Hampton van ;)

OhWowitssloane 1410 days ago

I love how the sign says 'man power' in the back. Haha.

Aliceinvain 1410 days ago

Haha where r u? My brother used to work for manpower in the midwest. Awesome van tho!

BackToTheJulia 1410 days ago

you make me smile. +1

tonguetyd 1410 days ago

the manpower sign in the background makes it even awesomer

vivitoryy 1410 days ago

you make me smile.

brunathalenberg 1410 days ago

para de ser lindo beijos

alysssacrespo 1410 days ago

"manpower" haha.. that sign makes it a million times better :)

threefingersup 1410 days ago

Awe, I want you to be MY mom!

2kids1love 1410 days ago

the sign behind you says it all... "Manpower"

Strawbearwii 1410 days ago

nice xD

megred2120 1410 days ago

Lovin this! Especially with the "manpower"

channy0123 1410 days ago

I love the Manpower sign in the back :D

mariliacv 1410 days ago


Margaret_Drake 1410 days ago

it's even funnier that there's a sign that says "manpower" in the background! hahaha

gabs_solis 1410 days ago

oow so cute *-*

JackieSaysRawr 1410 days ago

Man Power! :)