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1851 days ago


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FeliciaFrazz 1397 days ago

Best picture I've ever seen, I need to live in this room hahaha!

Chantelletmtmk 1573 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20 http://cuteurl.info/?Bzwyw

therocketsarah 1841 days ago

i believe this is nashville. my friend said he ran into you at the airport the other day after bonnaroo anyways :)

bubbletoed 1851 days ago

If you are trying to do some "pre-tour training" like Bono, you will need a gaggle of groupies to wreck your back!

thetee1000 1851 days ago

better than discombobulation...

IamTattooGirl 1851 days ago

Recombobulation Area. Sweet.

wake_to_sleep 1851 days ago

Is this the Milwaukee airport? I remember this! One of my favorite signs!

billsoaralone 1851 days ago

airport purgatory?

bubbletoed 1851 days ago

If that is some VIP Lounge somewhere-it looks pretty forsaken to me!

_Sammers 1851 days ago

Bark twice if you're in Milwaukee

tarly27 1851 days ago

"Rebolation Area" ?!?!?!?

rduran 1851 days ago

Clooney already made "Up in the Air," sir

point51 1851 days ago

That's AWESOME. I need one of those right now...

Ashia_Royers 1851 days ago

Awwww :3 lovely

Abandon_Hip 1851 days ago

Haha! That's weird.

casual_adam 1851 days ago

hey its terminal from COD! :D

joseramonmarmtz 1851 days ago

Where's Cuomo? :)

wenleth 1851 days ago


egg1111115 1851 days ago

this looks like the airport from COD lol

sammiguimaraes 1851 days ago

cute (: