Graham Linehan


I apologise in advance.

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2536 days ago


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InTheseHeels 2534 days ago

OMG Its Sanchez!! My idol!! Is there any way on this EARTh i could get his autograph??!! Please!!??

RiddlerMusic 2535 days ago

whsitling 'my lovely horse' in admiration :)

tdrb 2536 days ago

I want to be you!! >.

BaconTrousers 2536 days ago

They both look pleased with themselves and is it just me or does Matt have a bit of a Lou Ferrigno about him? Neil looks very smug like he has just put a turd in Matts pocket lol

ElleSergi 2536 days ago

Hahahaha, sorry, all I can think of as I look at this photo is "FATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!" Ah...legendary.

Tumblerz 2536 days ago

LEGENDARY. Come to think of it, they *both* need Twitter accounts!

adam_leach 2536 days ago

So which ones the gin within the gin soaked boy?

Flammenfisch 2536 days ago


SirNeilGlen 2536 days ago

The one on the left is Matt Berry, of "The IT Crowd", "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace" and "The Mighty Boosh" fame. FAAATHHHEEERRRR!!!!

Archie_Leach 2536 days ago

god i hate modern life

Cherishport 2536 days ago

Last one to stop singing "My Lovely Mayo Mammy" is out!

sarlitchin 2536 days ago

Insanely jealous. Mr Hannon is one of my heroes...

cindytoytoy 2536 days ago

so, you're all out for a night in a red light district by the looks of it.

KrystalSim 2536 days ago

Precisely _loobyloo, who knows what their combined silkiness could achieve. Terrifying and compelling in equal measure

john_self 2536 days ago

So... who's the one on the left then?

_loobyloo 2536 days ago

God the deepness of those tones together! *humbled*

reyes 2536 days ago

Updated version of my lovely horse perhaps (fingers crossed)

mclar03 2536 days ago

Casanova was the soundtrack to my college days in Rathmines and I still love it. I saw Neil at Oxegen last year near Tangerine fields and again in a box at the Olympia for Russell Brand. Watching Neil was more entertaining than anything happening on stage

KrystalSim 2536 days ago

Those are two equally silky-toned fellas. Looking forward to hearing the new album.

Navarin 2536 days ago