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Check out this extremely ironic sign that was just spotted at a BP gas station...

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1910 days ago

Check out this extremely ironic sign that was just spotted at a BP gas station...


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pregnancystar 1531 days ago

lol, this is excellent sign. Hope they provide all the equipment to mop up the spills as well.

justjared23 1582 days ago

I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand.

Glambert932 1902 days ago

Oh the fucking IRONY!! ya almost have to laugh, but there's nothing funny about this situation

BunnyTalk71 1907 days ago

OMG! If it wasn't so serious it would be funny! What a joke!

slomau 1909 days ago

Why would one be at a BP station?

jrharv 1909 days ago

no photoshop here

Trav_TV 1909 days ago

Dig it!

jymdyer 1909 days ago

I'm glad SOMEBODY is responsible for the spills!

ObamaCajun 1910 days ago

right back @ u #BP

vixy 1910 days ago

Good gravy.

SamZzz 1910 days ago

Do as we say, not as we do?

ninaluxphoto 1910 days ago

*shakes angry fist at BP*

TexLady1 1910 days ago

Send the sign to the BP CEO's

WickedGlitter1 1910 days ago

BP....Still blaming the victim after all these years.

GUnitKimmie 1910 days ago

So.. we are responsible for our spills.. but they aren't?? Hmm.. Something wrong with this picture!!

SamhainNight 1910 days ago


elaineeec 1910 days ago

Yes, we ALL are! True irony there.

afreytes 1910 days ago


evil_bat_witch 1910 days ago

Too funny! But sign was there before it became topical. Now, where's my kitty litter!?

BeccasOnTweeter 1910 days ago

I LOL'ed @ the irony, not so much at the reality tho :/