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Good morning sleepy head...

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2371 days ago

Good morning sleepy head...


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WebbEatEmUp 2263 days ago


nadia_ah 2293 days ago

omg 4 months ago i got a puppy and we she is mixed race but she looks soooooo much like this dogg!!
what a cutie aaawww

LeFreshAlgerian 2300 days ago

manicure vite vite, fais lui une manucure

Jade_Wright_er 2311 days ago

Gorgeous. I lost my beautiful Labrador yesterday morning. She'd been with me for 14 years. She was much more than just a pet, she was family. From the looks of things, u love Chloe just as much! Look after her Lauren! Your so awesome, really look up to u!

mallaurymougin 2313 days ago

Oh so cute !!! <3

veroooo90 2314 days ago

How cute :D

SpeechlessMayra 2317 days ago

i love dogs!!! <333

foxykween 2317 days ago

i remember the episode on the hills when you and lo bought her home and showed auds

RobPatzIsSexy 2329 days ago

awwwwww so cute!!!

thicky25 2331 days ago


ValArseneau 2336 days ago


ay_carmen 2336 days ago

i love chloe, she is so cute awn!

imabritneybxtch 2337 days ago


flopadesimone 2352 days ago

awwww! so cute!

priscillafrehe 2355 days ago

aaawh so sweet xx

yaylesliez0n 2359 days ago

so cute!! what kind of dog is she? my dog looks exactly like her!

Dani3laD 2361 days ago

aw so adorable

jackdemarchi 2361 days ago

laureeeeeennnnn...follw me..i luv ya soooo much!

xKarlaCruz 2363 days ago

awh hahah

ashley180309 2364 days ago

ahhh lovley dogg