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Drive cars at weekends, huge sports fan and loves the outdoors.

Can't find the right type of fish!shopping in Colorado !

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2157 days ago

Can't find the right type of fish!shopping in Colorado !


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ckoalatte 2042 days ago

je veux bien l'aider à faire du shopping !!! Hummmm

mizhelena 2052 days ago

mmm I'd love to take U shopping!

dbcars 2135 days ago

Hey Mark ! BTW, that rosy T-shirt goes u very well mate !

icklepixie69 2148 days ago

Bleh - Fish creep me out but you go for it ; ) hehe xXx

F1MadHatter 2154 days ago

Keep hunting 4 fish! =)

FreddieWeb 2156 days ago

I am very happy that you stay at Red Bull. Good decision!

FreddieWeb 2156 days ago

I work in a supermarket and i would like to see you come shopping.We also have very beautiful caddies

Noriko_F1 2156 days ago

Try to go to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo next time :)

owen_mills 2156 days ago

how do you reckon that shopping trolley would look if Newey designed it?

www_maxa_es 2157 days ago

You can win the drivers championship Mark! I trust in you since your begin in F1! That's your season

JulesTheModest 2157 days ago

Wow, I'm going to hit the supermarket more often. Remember Mark, 2.2 lbs = 1 kg!

forensickat 2157 days ago

Blimy you go a long way to shop don't ya? Guess it takes you five minutes to drive around the world. x

meggy 2157 days ago

It think you need to give your mate a little more room on the inside ;) (so sorry, couldn't resist) Good luck for Canada.

enmassaskor 2157 days ago

Love the T-shirt

mustard_pot_pub 2157 days ago

Any giant Queensland muddies???? mmmmm

spacejock 2157 days ago

Watch out for the shopping trolley on your left - it has trouble going in a straight line.

MrTimair 2157 days ago

It must be cool doing the shopping without people recognizing you!

laura_tw 2157 days ago

Your t-shirt seems to be having an identity crisis. =)

kwiese44 2157 days ago

Come visit Idaho. We can go catch some fish! Good luck in Canada.

karleyisahansen 2157 days ago

Hehe I thought you meant the clothes shop Colorado!