David Blaine


Magician/Endurance Artist

Doing time at Alcatraz

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2377 days ago

Doing time at Alcatraz


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figueroa2 2356 days ago

Are you planning to do magic . Something incredible?

valeriesannuti 2373 days ago

u Bad Boy

dublovesjenny 2374 days ago

█═════┌──┐....        █═══▄█├♥.♥┤█▄▐█▌═▐█▌█▀█ █══▐█╔╡└┘╞╝█▌▐█═█▌▐█▄▄ █══▐█▄└╥╥┘▄█▌═███═▐█▀▀ ███▌▀██╝╚██▀══▐█▌══█▄█

layaley 2375 days ago

oh my gosh david! bless you x

drboom88 2375 days ago

lol, ask Houdini to get you out XD

Arturoinny 2376 days ago

Stay out of trouble! Lol

alex_fenrir 2376 days ago


alex_fenrir 2376 days ago

You look so genius!!! Will you cross over the bars like a spirit just like your hand became a spirit in getting the wristwatch out from the other side of a close window glass using a paper that you did in a jewelry shop?

vinatheoracle 2376 days ago

Try back chatting me again

marie_j_uk 2377 days ago

That looks disgusting!

Cheryl_Figueroa 2377 days ago

Not a bad idea for your next magic stunt.

DaBorRah 2377 days ago

LOL Thats Awsome! I just ran into pics i took when we went to see u-- in ur stint in the water globe in NYC ;)

manoftin 2377 days ago

pfft, you could escape

laundryman0 2377 days ago

you dont look too happy with the imprisonment hehe

colasue31 2377 days ago

WoW pretty cool!!! So handsome

bgiambo 2377 days ago

that's pretty cool....but we all know Alcatraz will never hold you...

annamalone 2377 days ago

no problem for you to escape