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Last night I was given a cake replica of my '92 Ford Taurus. My clunky cell phone was delicious.

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2000 days ago

Last night I was given a cake replica of my '92 Ford Taurus. My clunky cell phone was delicious.


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MsBabyGotBack 1556 days ago

YOU look delicious! WHY oh why, is cannibalism frowned upon?

Warden_Alistair 1915 days ago

*only read the word 'cake'*

handmade_soap 1920 days ago

Boston OH college there!

puffymario 1924 days ago

Cakeish Conan reminds me of a lumber jack in this picture. Even though there is no plaid

bertsimpson 1925 days ago

love that car

cabanalikescake 1937 days ago

wow looks more like a mascot of the Pep boys

Souvie 1942 days ago

coco, i love your cars. especially your minivan i find it rather attractive for guys to grow an orange beard and drive a minivan. jk

LaceyPineapple 1963 days ago

Haha.. I had a 93 Ford Taurus in the same color. Can't say I had that fabulous jumpsuit though... Off of what, exactly, what was that little number based?

kmp1876 1969 days ago

so cute!

pattywood586 1992 days ago

omg where in boston are these people. i want a cake with me and my '05 dodge neon

cakesbyerin 1994 days ago

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MasterMahem 1994 days ago

"Ooooh Coney, you look soooo scrumptious." That was my flaming gay left testicle talking. My sexually ambiguous right testicle says "Who's Conan?"

Connverse 1995 days ago

I love your tracksuit. And you look delicious, as always.

LeeKuanMajor 1995 days ago

When you approached the cake did you find you really wanted to eat yourself? Hmmmmmmm

Jambreman 1995 days ago

I wish the hood was open so we could see "The Ranch" OMG...fabulous!

cakesbyerin 1996 days ago

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Sillianna 1997 days ago

Moonlight becomes you, as does a lovely shade of orange!

manicman101 1998 days ago

Conan you should give me that car....I think i deserve it!

High_ra 1998 days ago

Why do you look like you're dressed in a convict outfit??