Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

Me with wife Susan and "Max".   LLAP

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2246 days ago

Me with wife Susan and "Max". LLAP


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WilliWiegand 1944 days ago

Just a beautyful "family" photo ;)

AndhoraSilveira 2064 days ago

What a beautiful couple! :)

DrumKingBob 2064 days ago

True love!!

kirasheppard 2078 days ago

U have sure aged gracefully. U & ur wife both look great!!

SCorazza23 2085 days ago

i really love you all...kisses to Max!!

Francus84 2117 days ago

Is your "Max" a Havaneser??

LNInsperation 2126 days ago

Awww. Mrs. Nimoy is so pretty! Hehe and Max is so adorable! What kinda dog is he?

fuckimtwitting 2133 days ago

great shot Mr NImoy. MAX!!

BarackMcBush 2143 days ago

The trouble with Tribbles?...lol!...

weirdoinabox 2145 days ago

Wow, Max really has your eyes! :D
Just kidding of course - this is a really nice picture! C:

Melanie_Sales 2159 days ago

you two are an awesome couple, Max is sooo cute

silvergal2 2162 days ago

Awesome photo! Thank you for sharing!

wasitchu 2193 days ago

Max is very cute. You have a beautiful wife.

JMarston 2193 days ago

Mr. Nimoy, you have truly LLAP'd! Thank you for vastly enriching my life for 40 of my 47 years.

kam75 2211 days ago


alieninwhite 2215 days ago

Max must be related to Freeway.

sammut42003 2215 days ago

I am Maltese...from Malta..HA!HA!....how cute is this dog!!!!!!!

auld67 2215 days ago

is Max a Maltese? How are they to live with?

Motive_searcher 2215 days ago

She is really beautiful))) I hope you know you are a lucky man))

irlandesaslp 2224 days ago

Beautiful dog, lovely wife and handsome ,sexy you!! But ZQ's hugs from Noah gets the LLAP award for the week.