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Dice wandering around the studio.

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2671 days ago

Dice wandering around the studio.


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blackcatbonz 2665 days ago

I just wanna see someone smack those silly glasses off his face and say, "OH!"

Tangledweb 2667 days ago

Use the rotate left or right button twice, now Dice is funny again

Tangledweb 2667 days ago

Fingerless leather gloves? Did he use his Delorean to come from 1994?

MELMAC88 2669 days ago

he looks like a fish out water in this pic.

fling023 2670 days ago

That is one bad ass "Members Only" jacket. Check the f-ing zippers bitches!!!

Orangeman96 2670 days ago

gooosh, goooosh, OOOHHHHHHHHH

badmotherrucker 2670 days ago

Dice is here, to suck the funny out of the room.

trhilge 2670 days ago

Hey Dice... It's 8:09am and you've already fulfilled your douche quota for the day. Congrats.

MissLindsey420 2670 days ago

shit, does the voice match the man or WHAT?

StrongIsland 2671 days ago

Hickory Dickory Doc, Dice Clay can suck my cock. He hasn't been funny and I'd may money just so he'd crock.

phlydude 2671 days ago

How bad was he on "Down and Dirty with Jim Norton"? What a washed up, irrelevant ass - this isn't 1991 - lose the leather, no one is buying the cool cigarette smoking tough guy act

cdub79 2671 days ago

Didn't Opie and Anthony meet little Jimmy Norton back in the day because of dice, If I remember correctly, Dice was hyping Jimmy because he was Dice's opening act, and Norton was referred to as "Superstar" Jim Norton

cdub79 2671 days ago

He's perfect for the show, its what revived his career in the first place back in the WNEW days. It was nice today to hear a little of the classic back and forth banter between him and Ant that got me hooked on the show 11 years ago.

drunkennegro 2671 days ago

Freakin' tool was gonna quit. Take one for the team....yeah right. No Mas. Get in the coffin and die already!!!

plateshoe 2671 days ago

Could it be a bedazzler in his hand?

JTMagnawear 2671 days ago

Jesus he'll never change LoL, still rockin the same get-up for how many years now? I mean it's the only way we know him, but come on update it a little bit

Sushbag 2671 days ago

What a phony, irrelevant old hack. Why O&A would allow this douche back into their studio ever, I don't know.

manselman 2671 days ago

Op I'm with you...Dice is Dice. He can't carry on what most would call a "normal conversation". He is ALWAYS THE CHARACTER. I enjoyed the segment

Frrrrrrunkis0 2671 days ago

Oof! can't believe anyone would walk about looking like that. Open-finger leather gloves...wtf.

DaveCromwell 2671 days ago

"What a big O belly!" - wait - Lady Trucker" is calling someone else out for having a big belly?!?!