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Opie's Eye...Erock giving his Watchmen review.

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2830 days ago

Opie's Eye...Erock giving his Watchmen review.


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MissLindsey420 2830 days ago

what a mess. *gives his tits a squeeze*

cdub79 2830 days ago

He's upset Hoagie Man wasn't properly represented in the movie.

cdub79 2830 days ago

Holding his imaginary friend a jug of mayonaise

GregCat 2830 days ago

He ate a couple, a few and most of Kev's nacho's. Is cheese wiz a blood type?

shawmang 2830 days ago


HuxleyOrwell 2830 days ago

Biggest complaint about the movie: Not enough cake

csknoll 2830 days ago

Does he think he is a reporter? If so, I hope he goes the way of Peter Jennings!

VolvoPhil 2830 days ago

Douche chill

Crinklex2 2830 days ago

Nice neck fat. Gobble gobble.

Tall_Hall 2830 days ago

He isn't nearly as fat as i imagined,yet twice as douchey

mlarsson00 2830 days ago

I would've rather listened to Steve C give his review of Watch Men (wocka, wocka)

Matt_Damonson 2830 days ago

:INSERT Sandwhich:

andrewgodin 2830 days ago

Was it cold in there?

lisaannvictoria 2830 days ago

c'mon he is getting skinnier.......what are you gonna call him then????
crack rock???

jjr007 2830 days ago

You should have pushed out that window

EdFromJersey 2830 days ago

I read it and you can't spoil it for me..Haha foiled again

RonPugDog 2830 days ago

No bare boobage? What a jip!

fudgywudgybars 2830 days ago

Opie can you please add me to follow? I don't even really post anything, or use this site, I just want the honour and privelige

KinsellaJohnP 2830 days ago

Look at how long his fingers are! Better to hold steak martini. Fat Creep

opiefan 2830 days ago

did they spoil the movie?