Jenna Ushkowitz



realizing why im so damn lonely here in LA.. missing my baby girl STELLAAAAA!!!!

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2213 days ago

realizing why im so damn lonely here in LA.. missing my baby girl STELLAAAAA!!!!


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haijoon2 2051 days ago

awwwww..... cutie.... you guys look awesome together :) I wish I can take a pic with my dog... she hates taking pic... I wonder why tho... maybe it's because she's a breed of hunting dog?

luizkuttner 2052 days ago

pretty picture

LadyGleeGlee2 2125 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I want one! I will babysit her for you! :P

aluftballoon 2175 days ago

OH MY GOD! cockapoo? i have one just like her :D
its a boy lol. tucker (:

isachaby 2212 days ago

Where is she? She must be missing you too!

LeaGleeFans 2212 days ago

Aww Love the pic so much ♥

F2V1 2212 days ago

Your pet is so cute :)

jvento 2212 days ago

did you name her stella just so you could go "STELLAAAA!!!" one day? lol

CoverGirlJenny 2212 days ago

That's a good picture.

jaded_jess82 2212 days ago

loving the name Jenna if i had a dog i would name it Stella too i love that movie!

omgfearmeh 2212 days ago

CUTE! :"> Nice hair, Jenna. :)

UpandScrap 2212 days ago

she's so cuteee, you have to take her with you.

electricblueeee 2212 days ago

owww stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jajajaj.. she looks so cute ^^

MyNameIsTyrone 2212 days ago

Will she appear in Glee?

chi_ga 2212 days ago

stella´s too cute for words

BrianLoeb 2212 days ago

aaaah. you're wicked pretty!

luismi01 2212 days ago

pretty picture

SengaKitten 2213 days ago

Omigosh adorkabe! Why not bring her with you?

secretcosette 2213 days ago

Aww! She's so adorable :D

JackJonze 2213 days ago

Soooo cute!