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This was me getting ready for my show today #ULTRA!!!!

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2072 days ago

This was me getting ready for my show today #ULTRA!!!!


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iAlysha_ 1746 days ago

i was on your concert in Arnhem! it was fantastic!!

ykcx 1748 days ago

perfect lights

Maksym 1858 days ago

awsom pic you are one of those few celebrity womans whom do make-up to itself by itself :)

CaramelSwirlLia 1926 days ago

i do the same thing when putting on mascara lol

BlackEyed87 1957 days ago

Oh hey seen you in Switzerland / Zurich, was great! Hope you liked in Switzerland,even it was cold;)

MajorKitana 1967 days ago

I'll be a whore like you.Find me a best black guys!that they fucked my black ass!!!

paul1659 1969 days ago

alicia seen you at the 02 in ireland hope you come back soon best of look with your baby,,paul

bcw0821 1994 days ago

That's great!

anstasiakeln 1995 days ago

Fine photo!!!)))

kittaygaga 1995 days ago

i like the way you do ur own make up insted of getting it done for you! ur a real girll:D <3 xxxxxxx

swaggerstupidz 1996 days ago

I feel so slow leaving this comment but I'm new to twitter I'm a facebook head but u look beautiful as usual. You are so deep and real gudluck wit the baby I love u alicia I'm a writer I would love for u to read some of my poems and lyrics its my passion

Florafashion 2008 days ago

The makeup girl is all alone I like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dedecamargo 2030 days ago

Wonderful pic! ;)

orangequeen94 2032 days ago

wow girl do it up... u look pretty without make up

Jayallday10 2034 days ago

Hey alicia having trouble with your makeup haha.U got the look :)

MaxGordon2012 2039 days ago

Me and my wife luv you alicia!!!!! Good luck on everything ya doing !!!! GOD BLESS

aneewsweet 2046 days ago

i'm your big fans :)
the number one, i know !
i love u alicia

aneewsweet 2046 days ago

i love u alicia :)
and all peru love u
comee please

FocusedOnOnlyME 2055 days ago

is ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL..... just think of her baby in 9 mos.... =) CONGRATS!

ProudlilMonster 2059 days ago

thats cool YOU do your makeup!! haha i thought like lots of people do it for you