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Get ready for this....

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2379 days ago

Get ready for this....


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Bamzamma 2374 days ago

Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine... Let's just say your hour 'as come again... So wake up Mr. Freeman, wake and... smell the ashes.

danielrysdyk 2378 days ago

blah blah blah Mr. Freeman

Gamegeneral 2378 days ago

Think I've seen this before a long time ago, but you never know....

aeshir 2378 days ago

Jesus Christ, the G-Man face is so fucking creepy

GriffinGore 2379 days ago

Is this legit? I hope so!

LgXeno 2379 days ago

Fake. Pretty convincing though... "ErikJ: That doesn't have anything to do with us/E3."

Dillenger69 2379 days ago

I'll have to steal my steam account back from my son

sup3rkiddo 2379 days ago

Why am I jumping up and down? Please, let this be the teaser for HL2:EP3.. #valve #gman

nthn_g 2379 days ago

Damn excited for this!

charlesh1609 2379 days ago

"Freeman" is what Nihalanth said when Gordon entered the chamber. And GMan only calls him DOCTOR Freeman.

tehloki 2379 days ago

I bet it's something retarded like Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Episode 1

WRXRated 2379 days ago

AND they also said it's not going to be Portal 2 or L4D2 related! Temp halt on Gabe Newell fat jokes!

WRXRated 2379 days ago

It's going to be HL 3 or HL2: EP 3! Valve already said they were making a big announcement @ E3.

pedroadolfo 2379 days ago

Now that's a tease.

Hatecopy 2379 days ago

jarxg 2379 days ago


goldenfalcon 2379 days ago

holy crap... you CAN see G-Man. I thought you were messing around.

sonyheadphones 2379 days ago

Wow! Will this be an announcement or release? Can't wait!!!

xpod1 2379 days ago

DarthVoorhees 2379 days ago

Where'd you get this? Don't tease us!!