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Look guys! Received my KIA sorento today! It drives awesome :-) i love it!!

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2162 days ago

Look guys! Received my KIA sorento today! It drives awesome :-) i love it!!


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sherryd63 2159 days ago

So cool!

murcacucur 2161 days ago

Heeeeee Kim, geef er een goeie stevige lap op binnenkort in Wimbledon! It' so nice to see you back (and, of course also Justine) in het tenniswereldje...I've always known that you'ld come back,(like Arnie Schwarzenegger in Terminator, haha) I'm sure it it

TalStoffelen 2161 days ago

Nice car :)

irishace 2161 days ago

Hopefully you are going to practice in it. Need you back!

JandeLandtsheer 2161 days ago

KIm, I'm disappointed. KIA produces the cars with most CO2! An environmental disaster!

robi_no 2161 days ago

That's a nice car, i like the belgian license plate =D

9ja4eva 2161 days ago

Congrats Kim. You deserved it....

JoeGomez1 2162 days ago

Happy Driving Kimmi

wil_pe 2162 days ago

u sure have great taste

segconvocar 2162 days ago

WOW!!! That was great,KIA? hop in and add more mileage

Sasha_988 2162 days ago

that is suh an awesome car !! my mum wants one now !! :L x

MedinaCoco 2162 days ago


CharrOfficial 2162 days ago


Anna4President 2162 days ago

Looks great! Enjoy!

Imperfect_N 2162 days ago

OMG! This is a beautiful car!!! Kim, I'm so envy you! :)

sourlikealime 2162 days ago

happy motoring :)