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My best celebrity photo! Me and President Clinton!!

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2615 days ago

My best celebrity photo! Me and President Clinton!!


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edbaxter 2609 days ago

That is a fucking cool picture!! Nice.

MitchInTexas 2610 days ago


Orangeman96 2613 days ago

Did you have sexual relations with that woman???

hairyass 2614 days ago

Was it almost the Opie and William show?

ITIScott 2614 days ago

Are those individual follicles on Bill's head?

PORKYYORK 2614 days ago

hey, it's one of the Clinton brothers...

tabascoboss504 2614 days ago

That isn't you, Its Hillary. No wait...

superglide92a 2614 days ago

dont wory about a thing Bill, Monica's a fan of the show,and I told Erock to scotch guard that blue dress.

MentalityMag 2614 days ago

Good Luck on the marriage Bill! ! !

Gilhool 2614 days ago

That is Awesome...It's hard to top a President.

swickster 2615 days ago

Did you have to crop out some ex-Presidents cunty wife?

tdawg420 2615 days ago

This is actually a really cool picture. It looks like you two are best buds and I must say you look like a human being Mr. Opie...but whats cropped out...hmmmm Speculation Speculation copy paste copy paste BLIND CC BLIND CC

eljoe1 2615 days ago

Yea who's the real celeb here?

acelatrain 2615 days ago

same small skeevy mouth...yech ;-)

opiefan 2615 days ago

Wow With the arm around him and everything.

shawmang 2615 days ago


BChildRadio 2615 days ago

Did he try to insert a cigar at any time during this !encounter?

carolyn1111 2615 days ago

where's the one of you in your blue dress????

7dirtywords 2615 days ago

What happened to that scumbag Rick's sister? "15 minute laugh guarentee" lingerrrz longer