Chris Rock Harasses Kobe - GIF

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1761 days ago

Chris Rock Harasses Kobe - GIF


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Marleeeeyy 1755 days ago

kobe's too focused to be listening to that nonsence

SamLeon 1757 days ago

Here's what David Spade said Chris Rock told Kobe!

StantonSweet 1759 days ago

Kobe's thinking about rape.

misselliemusic 1759 days ago

ughhh i can't stand kobE!

DylanKurtz12 1760 days ago

Spade can't contain himself

i_xiii_x 1760 days ago


jswitty 1760 days ago

Lmao. I don't think this is ever getting old.

Wikddrmz 1760 days ago

LMAO! Crazy chris rock.david like "He not even paying attention" lol

BKLUE_MMM 1761 days ago


Mr_Mel_Man 1761 days ago

Chris Rock is a silly man. lol

Greqo 1761 days ago

Yo this is like watching Eveybody Hates Chris? Greg & Chris being ignored by Dickerson.

MissNikki2855 1761 days ago

LMAO @ Kobe's expression!! and david spade!! ;p DWL!

VyMauricio 1761 days ago

Hahaha!!! Kobe's face.

ChiefOfChill 1761 days ago

best moment from this game. damn@ at Kobe face

ashfirebaby 1761 days ago

lmao! chris rock is hilarious, the look on kobe's face is priceless!

RayBreezy_ 1761 days ago

"flashbacks of '08" lol .. sorry chris aint got time for your small talk

azgirliegirl 1761 days ago too!

jooven 1761 days ago

just hilarious.

Melladon 1761 days ago

Wow hahahahahahahah.

_Born2StandOut 1761 days ago

funniest man in the world...#fail!!!