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A Gulf oil spill picture I will never forget.

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2375 days ago

A Gulf oil spill picture I will never forget.


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Kenne1 1825 days ago


jeonseojeonseo 2337 days ago

what have we done ...:'(

saudebaaz 2361 days ago

humans have the ability to help..we do not not need to be superman to do something abt this...

stefanpinto 2364 days ago

A horrendous photo of a creature covered in sludge from the Gulf.

AmericanAnDerTU 2365 days ago

Amazing how all these people blame Obama. What do you want him to do? He's not fucking Superman.

carolinesjl 2367 days ago

there IS something you can do if you want to help. lower your oil intake and take the transit.

libra29 2369 days ago

I literally have a lump in my throat and feel like I could I cry... I am devistated by this picture.

SwimmingThrough 2369 days ago


sirisabskay 2371 days ago

VWhat was Obama was doing when this pic was taken? ..clearly he still hasn't done anything.

emilyruthwalls 2371 days ago

horrrrrrrrrible. :(

Flying4JC 2371 days ago

This pictures has me in tears. I am so sad.

RebekahCalloway 2371 days ago

makes my soul ache when i see it

xojahshari 2371 days ago

omq thats crazy !

cathyannsauer 2371 days ago

Where is the outrage?? This affects us all. Get involved, demand more help, tweet the White House and demand it . Don't believe they are doing all they can do.

photoblog10 2371 days ago

in this day and age, how can we not sort an issue like this, we can go in space yet cant fix this

supercheen 2371 days ago


zoheb_kh 2371 days ago

its so frustrating that this happen...and we cant do anything

DaleKamp 2371 days ago

I wish I knew a way to help with the oil spill.

ApunktMpunkt 2371 days ago

i wonder what that car in your avatar is using instead of gas ozanbas...

ozanbas 2371 days ago

awful. depressing. i hate all oil companies. not only bp is responsible of this.