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first class facilities here at bamajam! #fb

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2419 days ago

first class facilities here at bamajam! #fb


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COunTrY_LoVIn 2413 days ago

at least these were bigger than the one in our rv.. all I could do is turn around in a circle...

betterbeliever 2416 days ago

don't ever stop the tweets - they keep me laughing all the time! Can't wait to meet u again at LCB!

kerrytabb 2417 days ago

It was all worth everything at Bama Jam ! ...You all Rocked ..All I had on me was a wet coozie for you to autograph...but atleast I got one !...lol...

CsconiersR 2418 days ago

Haha! Im so glad you came! You did amazing! Me and my friend were so glad that we got your autographs!!!

lynheat 2419 days ago

Thanks for the tweets. They make me LOL!!

macke985 2419 days ago

it least its fisrt class all the way lol

CTcowgirl 2419 days ago

Glad someones on dootie while u dootie incase u clog the outhouse lol

Alissa_Grace 2419 days ago

Disgusting lol everyone deserves better than that!

corgigirl 2419 days ago

Haha! Good times!

_LUANN_ 2419 days ago

Oh my goodness. = ) !!

marycoleen 2419 days ago

lol this is funny love this tweets dierks u r awesome

ddritzenhein 2419 days ago

Interesting Photo

Precious1953 2419 days ago

better than a bucket I guess...but not the comfy one you have at home