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this is Woody the newest member of mine and luke's family!

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2380 days ago

this is Woody the newest member of mine and luke's family!


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horrorcrazy13 2230 days ago

omg sa cuuuuuteeee!!! xD

Cherry_Bomb_TX 2295 days ago

OMG!!! SOOO freakin cute! What kind of dog is that?

Lorynp 2299 days ago

Omg...that thing is fucking adorable!!!!

uss_yoka 2318 days ago

OH, what a cute!! Is he a pomerainian? Look like Ewok. :)

Me_Interrupted 2332 days ago

oh my good :) the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mandymoo1 2334 days ago

R.I.P little one, xx

kaymimi 2335 days ago


HannahKingsley 2341 days ago

ZOMG that is the CUTEST thing EVER!!!!!!!

iloverockmusic 2369 days ago

so sweet ! This is the same breed of dog that is Patrick Stump

bxgirlinohio 2375 days ago

when ur pom needs a grooming come 2 ohio,i have the best groomers on staff.

carebearbrite 2376 days ago

what kinda puppy is that?

_Laura_H89 2376 days ago

Oh My Gosh! Soooo freakin' cute! =)

Katerrz 2376 days ago


doolallydaddy 2378 days ago

Best bloke I have met in the entire week!! :)

josiah45 2378 days ago

awwwwwww!!!! how cute.

CD09 2379 days ago

He is so sweet! How does he get along with Sid? Thx Kelly : ))))))

CdnHockeyChic 2379 days ago

Aw, what a cute little fluff ball!

Xboyfriend 2380 days ago

Awww, he is too cute for words! He looks like a stuffed animal almost.

vickerlou 2380 days ago

Awwwwwww, hes the cutest thing!! He's like a tiny bear! Is he a pomerainian? X

rebekahhallen 2380 days ago

that is seriously the cutest puppy i have ever seen in my life. gimme! XD