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Cale Mills game of choice.

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2310 days ago

Cale Mills game of choice.


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natssoldat 2310 days ago

Big hint to buy a real horse for his next bday...

BarTGila 2310 days ago

Good choice, but he looks like he needs a real horsey to take care of......:D

ddritzenhein 2310 days ago

Nice Photo

sahsouha1 2310 days ago

I don't believe it guys that u r providing entertainment..even wn u rnot playing ur fantastic we love u!

kiwoa 2310 days ago

Whenever I see that game from a distance, I think it says "Horsex". Always makes me do a double take.

NickFinkbeiner 2310 days ago

Dude! Cale, I'm pretty sure that is Game Stop! Me and a friend heard screaming just next door, this must have caused it haha

sksee 2310 days ago

That's hilarious!

EmeraldMagick 2310 days ago

No Mortal Kombat? Come on! :)

jolene88 2310 days ago

I'm not even surprised. Cale Mills, you rock.

BellaRandolph 2310 days ago

Does he scorn the one with the cats?

Nicole_Liane 2310 days ago

Pre-owned. Quite a quality man's item you got there, Mr. Mills. xD

Rakstargirlxx 2310 days ago

u kidding me......... HAHAHAHA!

meganstarner 2310 days ago

ahaha good choice!

Chris3Austin 2310 days ago

HAHAHA, love it!

WhatTheTofu 2310 days ago

HA!! Go Cale!!

Hannah_Ro95 2310 days ago

awww! haha :P

MusicFreak2692 2310 days ago

LMFAO!!!!! My little sister plays that game all the time . hahahaa

InsanityRelapse 2310 days ago

now that's a mans game! >:D