Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, Zach Filkins #ILived & #CountingStars from #Native on iTunes:

Will work for tips

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2380 days ago

Will work for tips


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Jane_Nina_1R 2378 days ago

I love this pic :) But...where is Zach???

vodaka_orange 2379 days ago

Oh Ryan looking gorgeous as usual!

MyNameIsDorota 2379 days ago


martinerepublic 2379 days ago

thanks for the pictures

joanneinabox 2379 days ago

I'll give you tips ;) Who's the replacement for Zach?

pjporten 2380 days ago

Why isn't your guitar case laying on the floor to collect the tips?

Wenkeee 2380 days ago

brilliant photo looooove it =)

MarcieRzdbe 2380 days ago

Work for tips? like in the ATRM video?, thanks for share with us!

MarcieRzdbe 2380 days ago

So tips goes into Ryan's hat, I believe. And I heard he loves pretzels, and so they are in front of him!! XD

1rdreamer 2380 days ago

Love this pic! What's the name of Zach's stand in?

mtvb 2380 days ago

hahaha :D aawwww hope people were generous ;P

Polya_Zudina 2380 days ago

amazing photo:)good luck)

MelKNorman74 2380 days ago

Haha..I finally see Ryan in a picture..He finally got out of the potty!!!

FioonDH 2380 days ago

Can't wait to see you (again) in Holland :)

Anke09loves1R 2380 days ago

ahh, finally you're here :D THANK YOU for your sign, Ryan

groovebea 2380 days ago

lol good luck guys :D

Manalein 2380 days ago

amazing Photo :D

Lissydreams1R 2380 days ago

Finally Ryan....... It since unique!

NicLuvs1R 2380 days ago

Ryan, you are clapping - must be "Secrets"... ;)

j_o_a_n_n_a_90 2380 days ago

Amazing pic guys!! :D Thanx for that!!! Love ya!!!