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This is honestly the front page of the Times and Citizen. I can't believe it!!!!!!

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1566 days ago

This is honestly the front page of the Times and Citizen. I can't believe it!!!!!!


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hightechgizmos 1253 days ago

I can't believe that made it past the editors!

skyzeroxx 1562 days ago

It's obviously so rock and roll they don't need to spell correctly.

GaberLez 1563 days ago


citizenBB 1563 days ago

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Jem74 1563 days ago

And it may be a dreadfully poor error, but the Editor is superb.

Jem74 1563 days ago

This is genuine... I live in Ampthill and it landed on my doormat.

aimee1986 1565 days ago

oops! i thought my copy mistakes wee bad!

SSJ3__Goku 1565 days ago

How the hell did no one notice this? D=

Troglodytestrog 1565 days ago

Awful leading.

chazzyb31 1565 days ago

But I bet they won't sack the incompetent editor nonetheless. Such is small town newspapers.

TorontoViewer 1565 days ago


scarborough 1565 days ago

Our local paper, the Scarborough Evening News, once had the same front page - headlines, stories and everything - two days running. And that was before the new system...

Pseudonoun 1565 days ago

Makes me feel better about the meager errors I made in my publishing days.

kerrypolka 1565 days ago

On top of everything else, the leading is awful #proofreading #badjournalism #pressday

zoblue 1566 days ago

Well, at least it wasn't profanity? :-/ #proofreader #fail #fb

rjleaman 1566 days ago

Any typos the rest of us make in the next, oh, century? Nothing to fret about. #newspaper #proofreader #fail

atomworks 1566 days ago

No way! My version has the correct headline on, wish I had this version.Sums up the town apathy well!

JustinTrendy 1566 days ago

How did that get past both the proof reader AND the designer?? Well, they're deff in trouble now!

Browneydgurl99 1566 days ago

how can noone notice this??? Plums!