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One of the funniest...Louis CK in studio today.

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1976 days ago

One of the funniest...Louis CK in studio today.


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fubex 1974 days ago

I like Louis but I think he would probably call me a cunt

trhilge 1974 days ago

This was the best show I've heard since baby bird. Louis rules.

greekolas 1974 days ago

Louis CK by far best comedian!

cdub79 1975 days ago

The best! That boat story was a classic, along with the Jet Ski story.

Jeff0015 1975 days ago

by far my fvorite comedian ever!

larrycourtney 1975 days ago

I get all my parenting advice from this man

r_wilson57 1975 days ago

he is for real funny... he almost gives lil yimmy a run for his money.. almost. ya'll are all pretty funny for a bunch of yankees ha ha ha'

WilliamSputnik 1975 days ago

Louis for Prez, Jimmy for Attorney General

krustykola 1976 days ago

Louie was great today and I loved watching the Conan spot, he hit it on the head, we stink!

IkeLane 1976 days ago

Bring back Lucky Louie!

janicek01 1976 days ago

It's amazing how well he fits in on the hang. He is a great story teller- intelligent, interesting, and always "hilarious". Great show today!

SpiroLingers 1976 days ago

This shot epitomizes all that is Louie! A great philosopher of our time

treefortrichard 1976 days ago

he is amazingly funny....

barrytheblade 1976 days ago

He had me crying I was laughing so hard about trying to pull that flooded boat out of the water. Damn is he funny.

Jgoods21 1976 days ago

louie was great on the show today.

antsjewneighbor 1976 days ago

who ever thought the cable guy from those annoying verizon commercials,would be such a great guest?

phoneyry 1976 days ago

love ya louie! get out to S.F. or SAC soon i missed you last time.

DaveCromwell 1976 days ago

Louis = brilliant. One of the quickest, brightest *funniest* comics out there today. Thanks for having him on the show.

Meowcrazy 1976 days ago

ooooooooooooooooooooo baby................................

opiefan 1976 days ago

From the Harvest Area!