Floyd Mayweather


Entertainer, undefeated boxer, Angel investor, part of the #MoneyTeam and in the check cashing business.

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2308 days ago


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apostlelo 2301 days ago

Excellent job champ! May God continue to bless you in and out the ring! God bless Armando!

dariusrom 2307 days ago

Mr Mayweather you truly are a great person.Armando keep on fighting! You got our support!

abeo1 2308 days ago

that is so wonderful....more of people should have your committment and passion for life! Thank-you!!!!

King23B 2308 days ago

keep makin those wishs come true man

lcharmz 2308 days ago

Keep up the good work man, Alot of people look up to you and it's good to see you show the love back

G_O_D___Loves_U 2308 days ago

Just one of the many positive things that you do to give back. You're wonderful Floyd! Awesome!

mikhel007 2308 days ago

u are an American, but u fight like an African, hopefully one day u ll visit Nigeria nd i ll get a chance to see my hero.

mikhel007 2308 days ago

hi champ, my name is michael ejiro omadide from nigeria, pls i want to make a wish, am in college nd most of my colleagues have laptop computers but my parents cant afford one so most times i miss out on assignment, i would really appreciate if u can get

juicydiva 2308 days ago

Truly wonderful,sometimes its not all about how much $ u can give but the time .glad 2 c that

WRF1 2308 days ago

Great pic Champ!

Ramonm2 2308 days ago

That's sick! I like it when you celebrities still take time to give back to the people. Champ!!

BillT13 2308 days ago

Most people out there just need a friend, not all the glitz and the glam.Just a Role Model.

RepoSouthBitch 2308 days ago

that's very nice of you,,,I wish it was more people in world like and i also hope n pray that he gets better. i will pray for him tonight

m_kellogg 2308 days ago

awwww see and people call u out on stupid stuff but they don't see the GOOD things u do!

CocKyCaLiBeauTy 2308 days ago

i like #TeamMayWeather =)