Liz Mace


it's only awkward if you make it awkward.

whats up over due prom picture.... lol

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2334 days ago

whats up over due prom picture.... lol


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CanoAy_ 2197 days ago


sophia_three 2211 days ago

pretty! I love the dress

emmaprall11 2245 days ago

wow liz u have a beautiful body type. i dont mean to be a creeper but i thught u should no

hidaniella 2248 days ago

aweee :)

LoveTaySwift_x 2319 days ago

Liz, you are absolutely beautiful! (: I really did not think it was possible to be that prettty! :) xxxxxxx

_fireandblood 2333 days ago

Gosh Liz you look sooo beautiful ! I really would like to have the same dress :)

amibarakat 2333 days ago

wow, liz you look stunning!

aMaceingMegLiz 2333 days ago

oh my GOD! you guys are so beautiful! and he really is TALL! (as if you didn't know, haha)

chloe_no_shame 2334 days ago

absoloutely STUNNING. (:

Terra93 2334 days ago

loving your promdress (: How tall are you both? haha lol LIke the picture *_*

AngryAntRecords 2334 days ago

Stunning, and you're not bad looking yourself, Elizabeth ;-)

_amd44 2334 days ago

I love love love your dress.(: You're so pretty.

luluMcKenzie 2334 days ago

ur a beauty Liz darling

HeyItsKellyJone 2334 days ago

WOW your dress!!!! *_* okay how tall are you or him?

shaunamariexo 2334 days ago

You two are adorable.
Your dress=GORGEOUS!

HeyItsEleanor 2334 days ago

That's cute, Liz (: you two are so cute (: he is really tall!

TiiShirt 2334 days ago

WOW *___* You look gorgeous! The dress is amazing & you're such a sweet couple :)

luliochoa 2334 days ago

wow, he's really tall! this is really cute :)

sweetalbiol13 2334 days ago

hahahaa yes, he seems tall

heyalisonn 2334 days ago

he's cuuuute hahah :) yall look so so soo adorable together !