Douglas H. Wheelock


Test Pilot; NASA Astronaut: STS-120 & ISS-25; Space Station Commander; Aspiring Poet; Inspired by quiet moments, kindness and the power of the spoken word.

"Wheels-in-a-Can"...last day in Star City...going to miss the trees and solitude.  T-13 days...and counting...

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2188 days ago

"Wheels-in-a-Can"...last day in Star City...going to miss the trees and solitude. T-13 days...and counting...


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lisadiscover 2180 days ago

I love this pic! favorite so far. Lisa in the BML

albakutschker 2183 days ago

Felicidades, mucha suerte, y todos los suenos se cumplen. desde Suiza, Alba.

PC0101 2184 days ago

He is looking forward to be shot to the moon (not quite ..) ;-)))

PC0101 2184 days ago

Launch is scheduled for June 15, return to Earth in Nov. 2010. Of course, will be shown on NASA TV.

pensologo 2184 days ago

I have a question to do:I watched videos and I noticed that you are always happy, joking with each other.What makes you stay happy???Professional achievement???

Stelygs 2184 days ago

Doesn't seem very comfortable! Good luck, Mr Wheelock, for this great adventure that most of us has always dreamt of! Really hoping for space tweets...:)

Planck1777 2185 days ago

Nice pic!

Ritesh_Pokar 2185 days ago

woww super picc

PC0101 2187 days ago

I also hope for new pics and be waiting. Following, of course.

zsuzsanna72 2188 days ago

It is very interesting! Thanks!

RachelTBue 2188 days ago

Please send some pix from space. :) Will we get 2 c ur launch on Nasa TV?

starrynight80 2188 days ago

Mr Wheelock is it possible? And good luck! ;)

starrynight80 2188 days ago

And maybe we'll have "name that city" for the next few months? Who knows?

starrynight80 2188 days ago

But maybe Astro_Wheels will be continuing Soichi tradition?

ronsmytheiii 2188 days ago

: Mr Wheelock has not launched yet, he will be in a week though. also might I add, go hokies! (yes, a bit of school rivalry)

bethbeck 2188 days ago

Sneak a bonsai onboard. You'll give Station air filters a break. ;) #nasa

Filmklause 2188 days ago

welcome back to earth :) I will miss your Photos