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"X- marks the spot".. Loved the idea, ehhh so I went for it

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2377 days ago

"X- marks the spot".. Loved the idea, ehhh so I went for it


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kwesclark 2375 days ago

it doesnt matter if the saints won by 3 points or 100 points we still won and brett favre got lit up

MvikingN 2375 days ago

Why don't u literally head for the mountains bro. Cool sayings we are a pass interference call away from ur tainted rings....this yr the refs won't give u the pity party

MtEverest101 2376 days ago

Every dog has his day and right now, that dog is Black and Gold.
Oh yeah, Hi Haters!!!!!!

MtEverest101 2376 days ago

Now how is that for takin it too far? Pump ya breaks... dont talk it, walk it out in the dome!!!!

MtEverest101 2376 days ago

Hold on "Playboy", with all that noise.! Dont forget we still the murder capital!!!!

MvikingN 2376 days ago

Sharper + binladen have a lot in common they constantly hide while on the job and show themselves for 1 big play

thelatenightcat 2376 days ago

fuck darren sharper and fuck the saints, cocksuckin motherfuckers

AustinLShepard 2376 days ago

For anyone saying the Saints stomped the Vikes... The Saints roughly made it out with an OT win.*Luck

maddenidea 2376 days ago

this is ridiculous, some wonder why athletes shouldn't touch political issues, HERE is why. play ball

kwesclark 2376 days ago

who dat!!!!!!!!!!

kwesclark 2376 days ago

yall say get over it aints but you viqueen fans aint over that ass whoopin yall got from them aints!

FSBull 2376 days ago

Wow, let the games begin.

plove360 2376 days ago

lol Love the X marks the spot. People want to be able to talk smack but not take it lol Get over it aints

_iShowndar 2376 days ago

Thats fuxked up,,too far Sharper shakem GEAUX 42

blueyes1181 2376 days ago

The entire Vikings organization still has a lot to learn.

xsammy32x 2376 days ago

Buncha viking haters out there...wheres your ring?.... SUPERBOWL CHAMPSSS!!! SAINTS!!

senseiAB 2377 days ago

yeaaa....#PETTY!!! LMAO doe.

rudywong 2377 days ago

yeah Shank! show em whats up opening night.

504FIREBOY 2377 days ago

not funny u kno what funny we went to the SUPERBOWL AN yall didnt HAHAHAHAhahahahah lmfao WHO DAT NATION STAND UPPPPPPP 2DAT 42 GONE SCREW U REAL GOOD WIT NO VASELINE

CCSO228 2377 days ago

Pathetic. I'm a Pack fan so I hate Sharper too, but you totally crossed the line here.