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Nothing is easy, 99 percent of people don't realise their dreams, who's to say you are not part of the 1 percent? If you don't try, you'll never know.

Poster for the big Concert On the 10th July. :)

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2456 days ago

Poster for the big Concert On the 10th July. :)


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BrendaBlecher 2266 days ago

Well done! You're a special young man.

SensuiSam 2268 days ago

How sad...But cool~~!!! Your cheeks look funny in this picture tho~!

IRISHCAITYBUG 2284 days ago

awwwww Damo you are amazing :)

TheresaGeanis 2284 days ago

My daughter tried suiside a year ago. All of us still in recovery from this. Thanks for being a great caring kid.

WendyMaeder 2284 days ago

I'm so glad you did this for a great cause.

odat4red 2416 days ago

What a wonderful cause. Bless you for doing this. I'm sure everyone loved hearing you sing! :-)

xxpyroheadxx 2417 days ago

thanks for doing this Damian! (>^_^)>O have a good luck cookie! (^.~)

meagab11 2417 days ago

good luck damian at the concert makes us happy

GrampaFredF 2417 days ago

Bravo Damian- Great cause.........

DamianBaybe 2417 days ago

sounds like ur gunna have a great time tonight! u will be great like always ey dont forget to let us all kno, who cant be their what songs you sing!

thunderetteteri 2417 days ago

this is a great cause Damian you are doing just sadens me because I have lost a son to suicide I love you for doing this, maybe it will help others

ltpalmieri 2417 days ago

Great cause! I know you and the concert will be great. You really are a special person.

Liam_Eoghan 2417 days ago

Great cause, Damian...please let all of us who can't attend know what songs are in your set...have a great night.

loriscunningham 2417 days ago

Good for you, Damian! So, which one of these artists stole the song you were gonna sing? ;)

KimPiper1 2417 days ago

Cathal Lynch's review of last year's concert is GR8, sure this year's will be fantastic! good on youse all, this is a wonderful cause, and kudos to all those volunteers you raise the money for, and prayers for saving more lives, keep up the awesome work!!

3renee8 2417 days ago

Way to go Damo!!! It's such a good cause, I remember you having fun last year here too!

patgarrighan 2417 days ago

Great cause Damian. You are indeed a great young man. Can't wait till you tell us about it.

ashley_Judge 2417 days ago

awwh, thats amazing. didnt know thats what it was all about Good luck!!!I bet youll be amazing:)

HazelSchiffer 2435 days ago

I really wanna be there...but *sigh....not even a one chance T-T
but its a great 4 u , Damian!

codieeemychelle 2449 days ago

I want to be there! You're awesome Damian :)