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Valve cancels Portal 2 E3 press event in the most amazing way imaginable. (Also, promises a surprise.)

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1668 days ago

Valve cancels Portal 2 E3 press event in the most amazing way imaginable. (Also, promises a surprise.)


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zurielseven 1658 days ago

Black Mesa bought out Aperture Science, stock is up. Portal Gun now standard weapon for Ep3 in '11

AlainChristian 1658 days ago

Bet on Douk

Bamzamma 1660 days ago

Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine... Let's just say your hour 'as come again... So wake up Mr. Freeman, wake and... smell the ashes.

DRYuillKirkwood 1665 days ago

Perhaps we might get Episode 3 :)

Ward_Nightstone 1665 days ago

is right it is way funnier if you read it in GLaDOS' voice

duskrider42 1665 days ago

The gala is a lie!

zurielseven 1666 days ago

Don't forget garnishes such as:
Fish shaped crackers
Fish shaped candies
Fish shaped solid waste
Fish shaped dirt
Fish shaped ethyl benzene
Pull and peel licorice
Fish shaped volatile organic compounds
and sediment shaped sediment.
Candy coated peanut bu

danrwilliams 1667 days ago

I bet it's a triumph. I'm ready to note here: huge success.

Elementalguy2 1667 days ago

Come on Portal 3 :)

Foshizol 1667 days ago

But will there be cake?

ErstmalSurfen 1667 days ago

Oh my god. More to come from Valve at E3. More than "just" Portal 2. :)

Val_Seleznyov 1668 days ago

I hope it's Left 4 Dead 3.

Low023 1668 days ago


nthn_g 1668 days ago


badcarbine 1668 days ago

half life 2 episode 3 I hope!!

owenhyatt 1668 days ago

I'm agreeing with f001 on this one, Gabe has been looking very nice the past couple of months.

f001 1668 days ago

Wow, Gabe Newell looks mighty slim nowadays. Has he been working out?

jenrzzz 1668 days ago

Deploying surprise now...

trindmyst 1668 days ago

I always loved the amount of presentation Valve put into their PR campaigns; EPIC.

bencoombe 1668 days ago

Has the Cake been cancelled, as well.