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broadside ballads for the modern man

now it is like we all shared this special moment

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2245 days ago

now it is like we all shared this special moment


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Melony_C 2244 days ago

My local magazine lady knows, If I come in and she's not finished I'll help her so I can get my mag

lacedtight 2245 days ago

I am often the magazine person at my bookshop.... is a stressful job, makes you crabby and unhelpful.

Mlle_Anglais 2245 days ago

I would put it in the crabby lady's hand and thank her for the character idea. (I love your stuff btw)

Daniel_RA 2245 days ago

Harsh, did you go back later?

yelahneb 2245 days ago

aw man i so would have hooked you up if i had been that clerk but then i'm a sucka like that

blogtard 2245 days ago

You shoulda been all, like, I'm IN THAT MAGAZINE. I freakin' AM that magazine! #upinyogrillmofo

andy_sayers 2245 days ago

I guess when you work in a business as thriving as print, you can afford to blow off customers.

SimonBob 2245 days ago

that is an outrage