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This is hilarious! @notsam just sent me a pic of Erock's Bday cake. A must look.

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2372 days ago

This is hilarious! just sent me a pic of Erock's Bday cake. A must look.


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daffydill 2365 days ago


MitchInTexas 2366 days ago

Is this Bob Kelly?

trhilge 2370 days ago

if that's to scale, those hamburgers are HUGE

arteest 2370 days ago

did Erock EARN that? linger longer...

MELMAC88 2371 days ago

jump on that cake you know like uh... andrew's

Meowcrazy 2372 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, fat erock...so cute...

AugustHarrison 2372 days ago

I love the garlic-butter sauu....!!

MikeNeve 2372 days ago

A hoagie and garlic butter sau made of cake, he'll be delighted!

teeshirtsoup 2372 days ago

"Treat yourself." Linger longer. Oh yea, and check out http://www.teeshirtsoup.com

plateshoe 2372 days ago

That is amazing

jaros36 2372 days ago

this is a GREAT cake!

JTMagnawear 2372 days ago

His head isn't the only thing filled with cake.......perfect, absolutely perfect I want one like it!

ladyz0e 2372 days ago

Lmao thats amazing. Theres a joke here about erock being made of the same stuff the cake is made out of. But I has a brain fart.

naes 2372 days ago


Granny_Mae 2372 days ago

5 stars

KevinFromConn 2372 days ago

it's gonna suck when Erock gets skinny too

MicKraut 2372 days ago

is that a cup of garlic butter saw?

rexdart936 2372 days ago

its nice to be loved. i havent had anyone care about my birthday in 24 years.

woodstock28 2372 days ago

Should have used a hoagie for hoagie boy. :)

WilliamSputnik 2372 days ago

That is hilarious..and really well done.