Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Cologne, Germany.

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1823 days ago

Cologne, Germany.


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4r3451 1806 days ago

greeaat!I see my house from here :) could u please take a shot from Dsheskasgan / KZ? my hometown

Hotz_Cris 1818 days ago

olá soichi será que da para ver COPACABANA daí de cima? brigadinho orgulho de ser CARIOCA

its_me_Miss_B 1820 days ago

omg i just saw that u really tweeted a pic from cologne i asked u for one THANK YOU

fhcruz 1821 days ago


kurtismarsh 1821 days ago

Cologne from space.

kurtismarsh 1821 days ago

_matilda__ 1821 days ago!!!

gluexkind 1821 days ago

Thanks for that picture, Soichi and greetings from cologne, we´re living just in the middle :)

LuisaNievesIna 1822 days ago

In 2004, the European Union set in Cologne the seat of the European Aviation Safety Agency which was founded in 2002. This agency is responsible for reviewing aircraft safety plans and the granting of licenses to pilots. It also monitors the enforcement

LuisaNievesIna 1822 days ago

En 2004, la Unión Europea fijó en Colonia la sede definitiva de la Agencia Europea de Seguridad Aérea que había sido fundada en 2002. La AESA está encargada de revisar aviones, planes de seguridad y las concesiones de licencias a los pilotos. También vi

LuisaNievesIna 1822 days ago

Me encanta esta ciudad tiene una mezcla de arquitectura antigua con arquitectura moderna. Su Catedral es patrimonio de la humanidad desde 1996.

LuisaNievesIna 1822 days ago

I love this city. It has a mix of ancient architecture with modern architecture. Its Cathedral is World Heritage since 1996

PC0101 1822 days ago

Check this site in the days to come:

PC0101 1822 days ago

Current images of Tungurahua not available yet. An archive shot is here:

PC0101 1823 days ago

Download the hi-res and you see it much bigger:

PC0101 1823 days ago

You must have a very special screen. Can I get one too ??? :-)))

cocobluesky 1823 days ago

Eau de Cologne♪♪ I smell something sweet, lovely:)

nowaatlantyda 1823 days ago

Koeln ist eine wunderschoene Stadt - auch von oben! Liebe Gruesse an Koeln!!

am_klaafe 1823 days ago

Home, sweet home. Thank you very much Noguchi-San! I can just about make out the cathedral/Dom!

genwat 1823 days ago

上が北西ですね。 写真中央上1/3にケルン中央駅、おおきいですね。 その左側にケルン大聖堂ですかね(み、見えないか) ケルンの中心部からほんの4kmで豊かな田園が広がってるんですね