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I have drunk from this bottle before...

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2277 days ago

I have drunk from this bottle before...


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TexxSmith 2121 days ago

Definitely Epic!

andykinsey 2231 days ago

Haha 's fav drink

maxjohast 2257 days ago

Almost Epic, Almost

JiguTaichou 2276 days ago

Oh, "Dulce Ironía" like we say here in Argentina!I want one of those!^w^

OnlyCrixos 2276 days ago

I need one bottle!!! A question: Is this my blood? XDDD

sickchuck 2276 days ago

And this goes good with ??????? As of last October this was going for $13.99 . Alot for a little and a cork too.

Screaminweasel 2276 days ago

As long as you don’t mix Despair, Self loathing, or Fallacy you should be fine.

DTPhoenix9 2277 days ago

Nice way to get drunk hahah XD

angelicao911 2277 days ago

Yo quiero una botella de esas...

samlrab 2277 days ago

so have I, so have i --__--

richardnash 2277 days ago

i really like the Irony chardonnay. check it out!

meatwadismygod 2277 days ago

definitely a bitter drink. Or is it "sweet irony?" Maybe dry humor?

LifeGiver00 2277 days ago

Is that wine or beer?

tc9828 2277 days ago

10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife isn't ironic at all...just really unlucky :-)

nmc 2277 days ago

and some just indulge too much LOL -

EmeraldMagick 2277 days ago


avgwhiteblogger 2277 days ago

I had a sip of that once. It tastes like rain on your wedding day.

MaelMarcone 2277 days ago

I kept an empty box of that wine. it just sits in my car. being ironic.

Carlacopia 2277 days ago

Dude, Napa is where they make brake fluid...

thekaokie 2277 days ago

In French, that's called 'deja bu'.