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1637 days ago


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DanielADavis22 1241 days ago

If I lived with you guys I would be the fattest guy on the planet. lol when I eat I eat alot :D

The_other_Tatum 1557 days ago

Just sell the kids and all ur groceries will fit!

IBeHatinNY 1564 days ago

my guess is...
Three dollars and forty-seven cents. :)

MrsUltraKev9 1568 days ago

I don't see any prophylactics in that cart. Apparently you plan on wanting to double this supermarket treasure within the next few years. BTW, who gets to feast on the Sara Lee while the others swine out on store brand white bread?

Adel_Joret 1569 days ago

WOW! it looks like 8 year ols are shopping by them selfs!

jclips19 1569 days ago


AkaTinaSmith 1605 days ago

Thats Nothing We Have 3 Carts When We Go And It Last Us For About 1 1/2 Yea $1000 Every 2 Months LOL!

brianna0096 1614 days ago

how much was all that

brianna0096 1614 days ago

healthy other than the 2 packs of posicles but they r so yummy

redhead10 1614 days ago

hopefully! (but i'm a little late on this)
but apparently it didn't...CONGRATS on the baby

Digitalgrotto 1615 days ago

Processed foods that may not be as healthy as fresh foods include....

KTOHIO70 1615 days ago

WOW! Maybe you could give me tips on how to shop LOL ..

SwilliamsXP 1616 days ago

0.0 can I come live with you?

___Ashleyy___ 1622 days ago

WOW..! That is alot..!! lol Good idea though.. :)

hakburns 1624 days ago

What?! No Ramen Noodles?!

madz33333 1624 days ago

this made me laugh hahaha

StrawberryBuzz 1625 days ago

oh. lord.

nannykatec 1625 days ago

pregnant cravings?

KikiC423 1626 days ago

LOL that looks like our cart when we're shopping. we always wait until we're out of EVERYTHING. haha

nicktalkstwice 1626 days ago

that is not ore-ida.