Gary Sinise


Actor/co founder Steppenwolf Theatre. Bass player, GS & Lt Dan Band, Founder Gary Sinise Foundation

J & G

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2167 days ago

J & G


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SOADaughter 2164 days ago

" the Captain and Tennille of PBS concerts"...according to EW. So, which is which? You were both great!

evolet0 2165 days ago

wow, how cool!

KathleenParkes0 2166 days ago

knock knock knock 'Housekeeping'.. you want towel? you want me fluff pillow?

GRTW2011 2166 days ago

That's cool!

fammsimm 2166 days ago

You've got a great next door neighbor while in DC.

nel2h 2166 days ago

He Gary, thanks for the nice photos!

stephany_stark 2167 days ago

Trop bien !!! Héhé, la classe Mr. Sinise !! ;)

KevinRosko 2167 days ago

JOe is a gr8 actor. A role I love him in that not alot of people would think is Baby's Day out. He was hillarious!! Be Blessed Gary!

Amatista83 2167 days ago

Se divierten? Como va la vida en un trailer?

LiliMuchlis 2167 days ago

Whoa! :-))

ReecesCupHoe 2167 days ago

thats awesome right next to each other!!!! cant wait for tomorrow night

hurricane37 2167 days ago

You staying in a trailer on the Capitol grounds? Must be nice!

Barbar14 2167 days ago

I know it's a daft question Gary, but what exactly is that? Other than a wall

AlyzabethM 2167 days ago

That's a pretty thin wall in between!

CrustyB 2167 days ago

Chicago in da house!

Hwk765 2167 days ago

So who plays the loudest music? Pizza box should make a special apperence, dont forget to get a clean new box to travel with. (:>) Hal

jlstringfellow 2167 days ago

YEA...they spelled both names correctly. This is good news. Best to you, and hug at least 3 for me

purpleapple317 2167 days ago

that is so cool!

Asprine_Cstance 2167 days ago

the Memorial Day Concert? :D

csiforensic8433 2167 days ago

Both of you come from the 2 best shows ever!