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Hey ladies, hold onto your panties -- teenage Thomas Lennon:

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2169 days ago

Hey ladies, hold onto your panties -- teenage Thomas Lennon:


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jamij23 2022 days ago


goldpet66 2139 days ago

but what if ya don't wear panties? what then? (btw this is an awesome picture!)

bonniekate 2145 days ago

Ya know whats funny, is that its mostly men that commented on this pic. GUYS! he said "hold on to your panties!" Jeez...

Cacilie 2167 days ago

Awww,Tom! You look so sweet and innocent and handsome and studly there! Thank you very much for sharing! :-)
From your fan,Cacilie

Lavander_Monkey 2168 days ago

holy shit!! is that really you???

llliiizzz 2168 days ago

haha! ok, my panties are off- now you take off everything- EXCEPT THAT BOWTIE :P

RealSillyPutty 2168 days ago

if you were a bag boy in the 50's that makes you an older man, ooo, i had no idea

olderbrother21 2168 days ago

Hahaha.... I can't believe you have worked at Dominick's when you were in high school.

natashaleggero 2168 days ago

As you cycle by...!

orestes3009 2168 days ago

Blonder than ever ! :)

Susskins 2168 days ago

Are you wearing the short shorts underneath the apron?

mpatton62 2168 days ago

The smile is innocent, but the eyes look evil . . .

Sharkspeer 2168 days ago

I kinda want to pinch your cheeks. You look adorable!

cook1097 2169 days ago

Don't you look sweet & innocent! Must be the bow tie. LOL Umm...can I let go of my panties now?

JaniceWhaley 2169 days ago

Apparently their best values have everything to do with their box boy...

TheEdCarden 2169 days ago

you really don't look that much different

Telebuddy 2169 days ago

I lost control of my panties as soon as I saw this! Is that OK? Don't judge me.

odmbo 2169 days ago

Did you use you right arm a lot at Dominick's? It seems freakishly larger than your left.

justin_paradise 2169 days ago

from the wording here it kind of sounds like they were pimping you out. awesome tie & photo, thx!