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Ramone! Bring me my swim cap I'm going in for a dip.

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2733 days ago

Ramone! Bring me my swim cap I'm going in for a dip.


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Lady_Trucker 2575 days ago

Is that wear (misspell intended) Yimmy swims with his transparent white speedo?

cdub79 2730 days ago

You are a fancy man sir.

cartertruman 2731 days ago

Is this taken from the phone? Quite a nice pic. Good composition for a quick snap.

AugustHarrison 2732 days ago

Don't forget to take 'commando', the underwater phone.

JTMagnawear 2732 days ago

Now no udnerwater fights with french guys huh Ope?

amber_eyes213 2732 days ago


speedmetal 2732 days ago

Its a rough life you lead ope

treefortrichard 2733 days ago

nothing like a private lap pool...

ladyz0e 2733 days ago

That water is soo still. Looks like its glass.

r_wilson57 2733 days ago

you need one in your apartment, you could throw it ant face when he's raving about his masterbate theater

Jeremyd1969 2733 days ago

No one I know is pretty enough to swim in that pool.

tonytwoslice 2733 days ago

Any underwater fighting going on in there? LL

TheCrazyCossack 2733 days ago

Opie, was the wifey with, cause I know some ladies in the lobby would love to meet you and your money.

ohhkt1 2733 days ago

I know that pool. I just watch its great to be apart of the swim people. min 14 secs on a 50.

jeffreyawelch 2733 days ago

The royal penis is clean your highness.

rexdart936 2733 days ago

Why does the airport terminal have a moat?

opiefan 2733 days ago

when are we going to see photos of the philly crew or the misses?

csknoll 2733 days ago

Check to make sure there aren't any bodies stick in the filter.

Granny_Mae 2733 days ago

methinks it needs more chlorine.

trekker79 2733 days ago

Looks like "Tranquility" ommmmm ommmmm