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British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger - NEVER reads Direct Messages

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1960 days ago


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timelord999 1950 days ago

Love the pics dont stop

kirstieandrew 1951 days ago

lovin the pics stephen keep them comin =) xxx

DavidBUtley 1951 days ago

Should never have married that mermaid, the bloody cake weighs a ton and the inlaws keep pooing on it.

lagerlady 1953 days ago

loving the pics, Stephen keep them coming.

TheSmurffette 1953 days ago

what is the carnival for?

carpetart 1954 days ago


carpetart 1954 days ago

get a job

carpetart 1954 days ago

load of wank

susannawalton 1957 days ago

Are sea horses really pink - or is this Gay Pride? ;)

muteboy 1959 days ago

I'm in love with the seahorses. Seahorses. For ever.

DrTaJ 1959 days ago

Whats with the two at the front? Thats trade description infringement is that!

Gappi 1959 days ago

At least these 'horses' can't throw you off. :)

bumblebear 1959 days ago

Seahorse jobs for Seahorse workers! where will it all end?

marcuspayne 1960 days ago

I think sombody spiked my water ?

little_seahorse 1960 days ago

Go seahorses, go!

_BlackDiamond_ 1960 days ago

:-O WOW! That's amazing, march of the sea-horses :D

cherryberry2 1960 days ago

Omg thats so cool!

mitl 1960 days ago

Thats so beautiful

safetythird 1960 days ago

wildskaren - you're just too clever! hippocampi, tho, is what I'd say.

AndrewRatcliffe 1960 days ago

They're much bigger than I thought..