I enjoy Mongo DB, pre-trade compliance systems, appliance-based messaging systems, and cocoa krispies.

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_Anna_Barreto 1544 days ago

That's NYC...=T And I'm not there! Shit.

LeocadiaM 1562 days ago

I lurve him and yet I know if he were sitting next to me I'd be totally oblivious of him. That's NYC

akissa09 1582 days ago

just a normal day....oh wait! that who I think it is??? I can imagine a lot of memes again hmmn

DamotitIan 1610 days ago

the woman sitting beside him is actin so natural.. if i was in her place..i would probably gasp then ..faint

Nicky_y_Donna 1615 days ago

As one of the biggest Hollywood stars it is almost impossible to live a normal life besides acting. Every critic has to take off his hat to Keanu - Yep he is authentic - Thumbs up, Keanu !

White_Woolf 1619 days ago

This shot of Keanu has been viewed over 17,000 times! Or was it the cleavage that attracted so many hits?

halloandrea 1620 days ago

I am in love.

euri 1620 days ago

POPublicTransit 1620 days ago

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logumby 1620 days ago

WTFF??? OMG! keanu reeves is fucking awesome.

RobinsonAnd 1620 days ago

C-TRAIN!!!!! WOO!!!!

mastercko 1628 days ago

This is awesome!

Akashitakosabur 1631 days ago


Gintee 1631 days ago

And thats why i adore him!

afreytes 1632 days ago

Respect Keanu.

White_Woolf 1632 days ago

This pic is now at 7700+ views ... In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves ... Whoa!

Cassivi 1632 days ago

wondering if that woman knows whos sitting next to

Nafsunaek 1632 days ago

He's just like your next door neighbour. He's really down to earth.

pedroxadai 1632 days ago

Keanu Reeves é foda.

JanKR4ever 1637 days ago

My favorite one!