Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Cruising in the middle of nowhere behind Nice and look-y here. Cool.

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2459 days ago

Cruising in the middle of nowhere behind Nice and look-y here. Cool.


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tbc312 2457 days ago


REEN18 2458 days ago

Lance we are cheering you on & the wishing the team great success. We want YOU to win the Tour de France LOL

shanefit 2458 days ago

I like these "enough pictures, train harder" comments. We really do want you to win, Lance.

hopeing 2458 days ago

FOCUS!!! Really want to see you in top form by July to take back what's rightfully yours....

sharuns 2458 days ago

Very cool!

petern1986 2458 days ago

It's Clark Kents' Superman costume!

LarryBirdy 2458 days ago

Floyd is definitely stalking you to get on the team.......

schumigal 2458 days ago

Ah the character of Nice! Shoot some of Villefranche.

chrisgboulton 2458 days ago

Hey lance here in Antibes training in the area with a fellow Brit for the Etape hope to see you out on the road.

EdKlijsen 2458 days ago

where were you last night lance?

ksif 2458 days ago


KevinWellendorf 2458 days ago

Was that Lemond's French home?

TedMuller 2458 days ago

Looks like they need too re stucco that place maybe Radioshack Red

16watson 2458 days ago

It's your pad on riviera isn't it?

douqep 2459 days ago

That's great. Now...why can't I get my freakin Radioshack cap??

SteffanyMadison 2459 days ago

What is it? a red radio shack t-shirt or jersey? I dont get it. look-y here what?

annmggunbu 2459 days ago

radioshack kit in the alcony clothes line...who lives there???

16watson 2459 days ago

Get your head down 2 serious training,you're admiring the scenery 2 much.

mikekellock 2459 days ago

Wait... shouldn't that be a yellow jersey? ;-)

m_curley 2459 days ago

Stop taking pics and get back on your bike! Lol