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My album Lazarus and new single 'Need You' are out now on Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen!

Sasquatch Keef bricks, mmmhmmm. I'm kinda scuuuuuuuuurd. I'm gonna meditate tonight.

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2219 days ago

Sasquatch Keef bricks, mmmhmmm. I'm kinda scuuuuuuuuurd. I'm gonna meditate tonight.


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alexanderlauren 2215 days ago

ill get you higher than youve ever been before.....

justtALEXx 2216 days ago


magical6ftblond 2219 days ago

mmmm shall we say the footprints prayer?

iamkatycarey 2219 days ago


mschels13 2219 days ago

i have to know where they exisit! i need to relocate..stat

mschels13 2219 days ago

these are amazing

sk80spunk 2219 days ago

Oh that's reealll nice ill be sure to meet in meditation land 2nite dude!!Cuz im going there!! Damn I wish I knew u dude!!! P.s I saw u on that african channel I love how u connected whit them!!id love 2 go one day!! Love ya travis

TrinityTheDark 2219 days ago

I hope you brought enough to share with the class, Mr. McCoy!!

gooftroop89 2219 days ago

Travie need to come to the south and kick it with a playa...I'll match that!

RebeccaAlicee 2219 days ago

Ohdangg, I want some of thatt! Have fun with thatt, Lucky bastard! xP Aha!

Kthnxbaisexual 2219 days ago

I need some of that S***!

HeyItsChanee 2219 days ago

Aww sheeeit. Share some at the show tomorrow? ;) haha

DalajiaMarieee 2219 days ago

daaaaaaam.....(in my smokey "4rm friday" voice)

kniivess 2219 days ago

gonna be flyyin them planes without me travieeee :( haha

EllieProck 2219 days ago

You're asking for major munchies my friend......

ganjagirl671 2219 days ago

looks yummy,,should be some good meditation!

RockaMcCoy 2219 days ago

don't be scuuuured ya dig? go pro on this shit! Have fun gettin' blown!

SmokieJ 2219 days ago

Interesting. I've never seen anything like it before but that bud is purdy nice!

DiggZdeezy 2219 days ago

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