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Actor Jim Carrey!

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Lillizqwif 1960 days ago

sweet pic read this artcle I just got an ipad for like $20 http://cuteurl.info/?MLZLk

FlorFrryra 2109 days ago

FFFFFFIU a ver tu pelicula, espectacular!!!!!!!! GENIO(=

julaversity 2121 days ago

On her quest for what does not exsist many precious blessings were passed by, unseen or unappreciated

julaversity 2121 days ago

The more blindly she searched for security,the more she fed her insecurity.

julaversity 2121 days ago

She reminded me of a fancy gift wrappd ,empty box.In seeking to fill the emptiness ...

julaversity 2121 days ago

She had beautiful eyes with to see the world but she had no vision and so could not C her own reality

julaversity 2121 days ago

wow i once knew a girl who would pick at old wounds,just 4 attention.she was cute,but never content

patrickmantz 2122 days ago

I'm just going to be heaps generic and say: I love you Jim!
Because if I ever met you, I know I would just be in awe.

gailbunni 2130 days ago

Unity I say, Unity is its truest form rallying around Jim and who he represents!

julaversity 2131 days ago

When you laugh wth those who seem 2 have so little to giggle about,ur heart can help but fill wth joy

julaversity 2131 days ago

Isn't it amazing how SILLY is such an international language,and how out of touch most folks in N.Am r

julaversity 2131 days ago

Good on ya Jim, for getting involved in such a great cause,so far removed from the everyday b.s.!

julaversity 2131 days ago

oh my gosh,where's Bitotiny,she's been a faithful supporter I hope she knows Jim's back and chat'in

julaversity 2131 days ago

YAHOO and thanks to everyone who came to this lil'pic to support Jim,and share with each other!Bravo!

gailbunni 2131 days ago

This is a great moment!

gailbunni 2131 days ago

JIM is back with more energy to generate than ever! I am so generated by his energy!

Andrea_Nix 2132 days ago

Cool. You now have 667 comments here. Your welcome \(:•£=<

Dambor97 2132 days ago

What does methane contributes at 1goal against "bad human acts" since better Climate is needed?

Dambor97 2133 days ago

thelammy_77 have realy shown me that Jim.C ca'nt surf on my twits only as a fan. Lady please follow me2 if Umay.